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Title Insurance: Enhanced Owner Policy - Comprehensive Protection for Your Property Rights

When you purchase a property, protecting your ownership rights is of utmost importance. That's where title insurance comes into play. Title insurance acts as a safety net for property owners, providing coverage against various risks and potential issues that could jeopardize your ownership. While there are different levels of coverage available, let's focus on the Enhanced Owner Policy, which offers the most comprehensive protection for your property. The Enhanced Owner Policy goes beyond standard coverage to provide you with an elevated level of protection. It offers coverage for an extensive range of risks, building upon the safeguards provided by a standard policy. One notable feature of the Enhanced Owner Policy is its coverage for post-policy forgery. This means that if someone forges your signature on a document related to the property after you've obtained the policy, the insurance will cover any losses or damages resulting from this fraudulent activity. Another valuable aspect of the Enhanced Owner Policy is its coverage for the forced removal of improvements due to a lack of proper building permits. If you discover that a structure on your property violates building regulations and you're required to remove it, the policy will help cover the costs of rectifying the situation, subject to a deductible. The Enhanced Owner Policy also protects you in the event that a neighbor constructs improvements on your property without your consent. This encroachment onto your land can cause significant complications and disputes. However, with the Enhanced Owner Policy, you have the assurance that your interests are safeguarded, and the insurance will assist in resolving the issue. Additionally, the policy includes coverage for the location and dimensions of your insured land, as long as there is a current survey of the property.

It's important to review the specific terms and conditions of the Enhanced Owner Policy, as with any insurance contract. There may be exceptions, exclusions, and certain limitations on coverage. Our amazing Skyway Title team will help you fully understand the coverage provided by the Enhanced Owner Policy. Title insurance is a crucial investment when purchasing property, and the enhanced protection offered by the Enhanced Owner Policy takes it to the next level. By securing this comprehensive policy, you can rest easy knowing that your property rights are thoroughly safeguarded. Whether it's a post-policy forgery, unauthorized encroachments, or issues with property dimensions, the Enhanced Owner Policy provides the coverage you need to protect your investment and enjoy your property with confidence.


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