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Title Services


Skyway Title Services is a locally owned real estate title company that opened in 2005. We search the public record counties of the property being purchased or sold to furnish an abstract of documents affecting the real estate. We provide the settlement closing process to include all documentation in our office or yours with highly experienced closing agents and provide owner and lender title insurance protecting the buyer and lender’s interest of the real estate that is purchased and or financed. Our staff works diligently to provide you with excellent settlement service.

Document Preparation

Document Preparation

We specialize in the preparation of the documents mentioned below and can assist you to make your real estate transaction flow smoothly.

Types of Documents
  • Warranty Deed

  • Deed of Trust

  • Power of Attorney

  • Promissory Note

  • Release/Satisfaction of Mortgage

  • Partial Release

  • Partition Deed

  • Estate by Entirety Deed

  • Road Maintenance Agreement

  • Easement




Abstracting is vital in the purchase of real estate as this will provide information to the buyer about the real estate property, such as recorded easements and deeds of trust or liens against the property. Our abstractors search the Register of Deed’s records back 30 years to provide a thorough title search to a buyer. They have over 25 years of experience and they provide a thorough title examination of real property to inform you of any easements, liens, or deeds of trust against the property.

Owner’s Title Insurance

Can be purchased with a 30-year marketable title search. This provides peace of mind to you, the buyer.

Real Estate Closings
Real Estate Closings


As escrow closing agents, we prepare the documents necessary for each real estate transaction, which is based on the purchase and sales agreement, and the title search provided by our abstractors. We will conduct the real estate closing in our office, as scheduled with the buyer, seller, realtor, and lender, or we can come to you for the real estate closing, to your office, or to your buyer or seller’s place of business.  We have highly qualified closing agents to help make your purchase or sale of real estate a good experience.

Tennessee Trustee

Click the link below to access comprehensive information about counties in Tennessee, cities, and property tax details for specific properties. Empower yourself with knowledge today!

Tennessee Assessor Office

Click the link to access the Tennessee Assessor Office's website, where you can conveniently search for property taxes and other essential data for counties in the state. 

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